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Here at Cathy’s Cushions, we pride ourselves with not only a quality product, but we have a longtime solid reputation as being the area’s top boat upholsterers.  We have regular customers who have used us for years and they pass our name on to their friends, family and people who see their boat on the water or sitting at the dock. That means everything to us! 

Our services are never contracted out!  What you see is what you get! Personal service 100%!
As a family owned and operated business, our customer is always number one!

If it is time to update your boat, call us!  If your boat needs a facelift, call us! Call us right now and let’s get your hassle free boat ready for the season. Don’t be that ripped up, torn up, outdated, filthy dirty boat on the water! Nothing worse than putting all new flooring and upholstery in your boat and when you get it back it is dirty from being in the water, under a tree or just sitting in the elements. 

Let Cathy’s Cushions put the jaw-dropping, astonishing WOW factor back into your boat!

Two Covers is Better Than One?
No No No!!!

We see it a lot and understand the noble intentions of this common issue.
Using two covers at once seems like a good idea, the storage cover protects the boat and snap cover.
In a controlled environment, like a garage,
two covers at once aren't quite as bad but in the great outdoors
we see two main issues with using 2 covers at once.

The biggest problem we see is the two covers wearing each other out.
The wind moving the outer cover causes it to rub and wear out the covers.
We will happily repair them for you if you use your covers for what they are made for you can save yourself some money. 
But shouldn't your precious toy have a great cover?
A cover that will have a longer life,
ook good and protect your investment is a must!

Another issue that affects boats with storage covers
is they go over a radar arch or wakeboard tower.
If you have a snap cover on one of these style of boat
a storage cover that cover the whole boat
you are creating two environments in the boat.

This causes issues with ventilation and
air circulation and could also create
two different temperatures all of which can create mold and mildew. 
Then you are going to have to replace more than the cover.
You will then be replacing interior and perhaps flooring.

The right cover for your boat no matter
its style goes a long way in protecting your families fun!

Like all of our work, this is custom made.
Remember we will need your boat to make and install your cover. 
You will want to call us now, before the boating season gets ramped up. 

Don't Delay Your Vacation on the Water,
Call Us Now to Get Started and finished!