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Here at Cathy’s Cushions, we pride ourselves with not only a quality product, but we have a longtime solid reputation as being the area’s top boat upholsterers.  We have regular customers who have used us for years and they pass our name on to their friends, family and people who see their boat on the water or sitting at the dock. That means everything to us! 

Our services are never contracted out!  What you see is what you get! Personal service 100%!
As a family owned and operated business, our customer is always number one!

If it is time to update your boat, call us!  If your boat needs a facelift, call us! Call us right now and let’s get your hassle free boat ready for the season. Don’t be that ripped up, torn up, outdated, filthy dirty boat on the water! Nothing worse than putting all new flooring and upholstery in your boat and when you get it back it is dirty from being in the water, under a tree or just sitting in the elements. 

Let Cathy’s Cushions put the jaw-dropping, astonishing WOW factor back into your boat!


You probably chuckled when you read that line. 
However, it is for the most part one thing that
resonates repeatedly with our clients.  

Vinyl is made in so many beautiful colors and textures
these days
that you will be amazed at just how many colors
you will have to pick from. 
Depending on a number of veritable, somewhere
around seven years old many boats
start to see wear and tear on the upholstery.

The most common areas that we see is
where people enter and exit the boat, seat cushions
that get stepped on
and other high traffic areas.

In some cases, we can make repairs
but in others replacing the skin is necessary.
The most common problem we run into when just
recovering one cushion or only part of the boat
is matching the vinyl.
With so many patterns,
textures and, colors
you would think it would be easy.
However, many customers find out, it isn't.

The issue is mainly caused in part by the boat manufacturer,
at the time of production ordering a very specific
color dye lot and pattern that isn't offered for aftermarket sales.
Sometimes we do get lucky and
can match
certain colors and textures with a
different vinyl manufacturers color and texture.

With accident colors, we like to recommend
when there is no good match is to
pick something that is intentionally off, but
still looks good and is something
they could use down the road on
other parts of the boat.
We typically recommend picking a
new “modern” texture
in the corresponding color.

When the main color is the issue,
we have a bit more soul searching
and will require you to pick a color
you either feel will go well with the
rest of the boat or one you would like
to use in updating the whole boat in the future.

Matching color can be a real pain,
so always take the time to pick your own vinyl.
We will always take the time to help
pick the right colors with you,
we really don't enjoy picking them without you
because what we like, you may not.

Do not be offended when we strongly insist
to come visit us to pick out exactly the colors you want.
We do not have “leftover” materials, or remnants. 
Your vinyl is ordered just for your job!