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Cathy's Cushions​​​
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Proudly serving you since 2006

Here at Cathy’s Cushions, we pride ourselves with not only a quality product, but we have a longtime solid reputation as being the area’s top boat upholsterers.  We have regular customers who have used us for years and they pass our name on to their friends, family and people who see their boat on the water or sitting at the dock. That means everything to us! 

Our services are never contracted out!  What you see is what you get! Personal service 100%!
As a family owned and operated business, our customer is always number one!

If it is time to update your boat, call us!  If your boat needs a facelift, call us! Call us right now and let’s get your hassle free boat ready for the season. Don’t be that ripped up, torn up, outdated, filthy dirty boat on the water! Nothing worse than putting all new flooring and upholstery in your boat and when you get it back it is dirty from being in the water, under a tree or just sitting in the elements. 

Let Cathy’s Cushions put the jaw-dropping, astonishing WOW factor back into your boat!

We Are The Pros When it Comes to Choosing the Right Boat Flooring

Cathy’s Cushions has replaced flooring in all types of boats, new and old!
We have heard all the complaints and
we can help you pick which flooring is right for your boat.

Do your passengers complain about the heat when they board? Hot feet on a hot day is miserable.

Has someone slipped on your wet floors in your boat?

Have your floors mildewed and rotted?

You finally bought your dream boat, but you want to add some unique features to make it even more “yours”.

Maybe the factory flooring just doesn’t work for your lifestyle.

Or, are you looking to upgrade a boat that you’ve already called your own? Either way, an upgrade as simple as changing your boat floor covering is one that can breathe new life into your boat.

No matter the type or age of your boat this is an important decision and we know there are many types of flooring available.

Call us and let’s talk about the type that is right for you and your family!!!!!!!!